It was with great pleasure, Portishead Table Tennis Club have extended the invite to Cheslyn Hay TTC once again to compete in a Club v Club Challenge Match. Back in 2018, Martin and Callum from CHTTC visited Portishead on one of their SUnday practice sessions. From here on in... the seed was set for a Club v Club match. 

The club v club idea aims to get local clubs to build teams of between 6 and 12 players and compete against each other in an invitational challenge match. The biggest invitiational staged has been a 12 v 12 match which we aim to recreate on the 5th August 2019. 

The team sheets for Portishead 2019:



PTTC Allstars CHTTC Allstars


Joe Ratajczak

Andy Creed

Jake Tucker

Matt Cooper

Tony Pook

Muz Brittain

Ivan Parker

Milan Gal

James Goodlet

Nathan Guttridge

Glen Parker

 Simon Stephens


Jake Westwood

Callum Squire

Rob Fletcher

Stephen Fletcher

Andy Beastall

Craig Cartwright

Faisal Khan

Dominic Evans

Leyton Matthews

Reuben Yates

Steve Matthews

Dave Evans


















The format is designed to allow as many games as possible with players of similar or high standards. 12 players are split into two teams of 6. The Top 6 and the Bottom 6. Each team of 6 is split into pairs. Top 6 players from both sides play each other as do bottom 6 players of both sides. Each round has 4 matches of singles and 1 match of doubles. Each match is played up to 11 with best of 3 sets. All of the points are then added up and put into the team pot of points.


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National Cadet League Results

Cheslyn Hay Table Tennis Club are proud to announce the results of our latest foray into the National Junior Cadet League!

CHTTC have finished as Champions of Division 3 of the National Cadet League. While the 'B' team followed closely behind in 3rd place.  

Martin, who went to support the teams commented:

 Great play, great improvement by all players, great to see both teams supporting each other. Great day for the club. Well done Andy & Callum for coaching.

John Quinn, Head of the club commented:

It was my pleasure to watch our two cadet teams compete at Wood Green. Our first team won division three while our second team came very close to finishing second. Considering the short time they have been playing, it is absolutely fantastic how they have improved. The Table Tennis was at the highest standard. I would like to thank Andy, Callum and Martin for all their hard work. Without members like these it would be impossible to get funding. They all turned out in our club colours and played tto the absolute spirit of the game.

We'd all like to congratulate the players for representing our club to the highest standard.

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Established 1974, 43 years old this year! Very active in the community holding open days and fund raising. (£20,000 donated to charities such as British Heart foundation and Acorns to date! Open Monday to Wednesday evenings 7:15pm - 10pm all year round. New members welcome for both fun and competitive play in the Walsall and Wolverhampton leagues. Coaching available.

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