COVID-19 UPDATE: We are sorry to announce our Club is closed until further notice. 

Over 60 and looking to get Active?

Bat & Chat sessions in Cheslyn Hay are proving ideal for encouraging social participation and a more active lifestyle for the over 60's. 

The sessions were started about a year ago and as well as combating social isolation and encouraging older people to be more active, they have also been a springboard into local competitions.


Relaxed & Be Social

Every Thursday between 2pm and 4pm we hold our popular Bat & Chat. 

Table Tennis is a social sport

Beginners always welcome as it's not just about the Ping pong, there's tea, biscuits and a friendly welcome.

Fun for all ages

Table tennis is one of the most universal sports, anyone can pick up a bat and play, it's easy to pick up and can be played at any speed yo wish! 

Local Support

It's a local, friendly affair where anyone is welcome. You can even come down for a chat. 


Over 60 and Interested?

Get in Touch


Established 1974, 43 years old this year! Very active in the community holding open days and fund raising. (£20,000 donated to charities such as British Heart foundation and Acorns to date! Open Monday to Wednesday evenings 7:15pm - 10pm all year round. New members welcome for both fun and competitive play in the Walsall and Wolverhampton leagues. Coaching available.

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